TOP SCORE Record Show

Since 2015, TOP SCORE Record Show has been providing a record show environment that was geared more to being fun, family-friendly and less competitive. The event quickly became bi-annual with a homebase at Level-Up Arcade. Co-Founders KI Design and André Sirois (aka DJ food stamp) explained that their “goal was to make a show not only for the community but created by the community, including local sellers, local DJs, and the generous sponsorship by local businesses.” TOP SCORE keeps the tabling cost for vendors low and free to attend. Sirois also shares “we love seeing kids and families sharing a love of digging. Just ask any record collector and they will tell you this is the most fun record show you will find and we take pride in that.” Throughout the years, they’ve also raised funds for local nonprofits like Maude Kerns Art Center and Northwest Dog Project. 

Catch the next TOP SCORE Record Show at Level Up Arcade noon to 5 pm Nov. 13. All ages. Free.