Best place to get dog food and enjoy a rural vibe

Pleasant Hill Feed and Farm Supply 84841 Edenvale Road, Pleasant Hill.

I am going to be honest, I don’t just get dog food at Pleasant Hill Feed. I also get my horse’s feed there. But I figure the average Eugene Weekly reader is more likely looking to buy dog or cat food than they are searching out a good price on a bag of grain for a horse. 

On that note, last time I walked into the family-owned and run feedstore, head honcho Travis Parr greeted me with, “You out of that expensive horse feed you get?”

Yes, my horse does have spendy tastes in feed. Parr has tried to steer me to a cheaper local product, but is resigned to ordering me what my horse’s expensive little heart desires. 

Parr, easily recognized by a red beard that would be the envy of any troll in Lord of the Rings, also stocks everything from warm rubber boots to small gifts, CBD for humans and animals, and some snacks and candy. I’ve whiled away many minutes chatting in the feedstore about hay prices, pet turtles and, yes, even that politically touchy topic of COVID.

You also may encounter his daughter, Jolene Parr, at work behind the counter. She’s patiently gone over ingredient lists with me on endless bags of dog food, aiding me in my search for chicken-free grub for my pitbull, Biggie, and is usually prepared with a treat. If she doesn’t have one, then the guys who load the feed into my car usually do.