1. Peter DeFazio
  2. Jeff Merkley
  3. Kitty Piercy

We don’t love politics lately, but there’s a lot to appreciate in this year’s top three for best local politician. First of all, Rep. Peter DeFazio is back again as the area’s top politico. Is it his no-holds-barred demeanor? Is it how hard he’s worked to turn Congress from red to blue? We like to think it’s because he loves his rescue dog. Whatever it is, EW readers love DeFaz, even if he’s not planning a presidential run the way everyone speculates second-place winner Sen. Jeff Merkley is. Merkley’s always been a good guy in politics, but this year the way he’s stood up to the Trump administration, especially on immigration, has earned him a lot of kudos. Finally, previous winner, former Mayor Kitty Piercy, still manages to finish in the top three, despite not even being in office anymore. Piercy still engages with Eugeneans on her Facebook page and clearly EW readers appreciate being heard.