1. Prince Pücklers 1605 E. 19th Avenue. 541-344-4418. Princepucklers.com.
  2. I Scream for Waffles 1412 W. 7th Avenue. 541-729-1732. Iscreamforwaffles.com.
  3. Coconut Bliss 725 W. 1st Avenue. 541-345-0020. Coconutbliss.com

Prince Pücklers is one of the only businesses in Eugene that can genuinely say, “Thanks, Obama.” While campaigning for the Democratic nomination in 2008, he and Michelle stopped at Prince Pücklers for some ice cream. It’s easily the best idea he’s ever had. However, I would like to draw attention to his ice cream selection: Mint chip. You can tell a lot about a person and his ice cream selection, especially when Prince Pücklers has a long list of better selections. But I guess he was signaling to us that he would provide the country — and the world — with a fresh perspective after eight years of George W. Bush. When I treat myself to ice cream here, I go for a scoop of their Galaxy (chocolate malt ice cream with white and dark chocolate chips). After some soul searching, this probably reflects my deep-seated views that one day, space travel will unite the world. If President Donald Trump returns to Eugene, I’d love to have a scoop of ice cream with him and find out which flavor he eats. Of course, Trump would have to have two scoops — leaving everyone else with just one scoop.