Author: Sofia Garner

Best Fiction writer

1. Chadhurst Sharpe  2. Cai Emmons  3. Jeff Geiger  Chadhurst Jainlett Sharpe has long held a passion for the written word. He vividly remembers walking into Barnes and Noble when he was 20, and discovering a treasure in the works of Neil Gaiman. “I was there for the whole rest of the…

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Best Tattoo artist 

1. Cassie Shammel (Northwest Tattoo) 142 E. 13th Ave. 541-393-6570. 2. Damien Thompson (Parlor Tattoo) 1097 Willamette. 541-345-6465. 3. Etzel Leguizamon (Tattoo OM) 1695 Willamette. 541-654-8106. Cassie Shammel didn’t always want to be a tattoo artist. As a biology major at the University of Oregon, she thought she wanted to be a…

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Best Piercer

1. Jared Hill (Area 51 Piercing) 505 Willamette, ste. 100. 541-393-6572. 2. Kenny Plimpton (High priestess Downtown) 210 west 6th. 541-393-6572. 3. Samantha Houston (High Priestess Piercing & Tattoo) 525 E. 13th Ave. 541-343-3311; 210 W. 6th Ave. 541-342-6585. When it comes to piercing, Jared Hill, owner of Area 51 Piercing and…

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