Best record store on Main Street in Springfield

Little Axe Records 325 Main St., Springfield. 503-320-3656.

Sure, Eugene has many great record stores, from the iconic House of Records to the hip Moon Rock Records. But Little Axe Records is Springfield’s answer to my age-old weekend question: Will I find a Steely Dan record for my collection? 

Usually, the answer is no, but whenever I’m at Little Axe Records, I always find something else to keep my spirits up, whether I’m looking for an affordable copy of Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska or a rare John Coltrane pressing. 

The Springfield store was opened by the Portland-based Little Axe Records in 2019, and it’s more than just a place to grab the usual rock, blues, hip-hop and jazz records. You’ll also find international music released by the label; music that you can peruse through and take a trip around the world. 

You might miss Little Axe Records if you’re driving around Springfield, so get out of your car and take in the sights of Main Street. Walk through the vibrant downtown and you’ll find Little Axe sandwiched between some clothing stores. 

Just don’t let the size of the record store fool you. Like the TARDIS from the British sci-fi show Doctor Who, it’s bigger on the inside. But leave the Steely Dan records for me.