1. Hey Neighbor! Pizza House 1621 E. 19th Ave. 605 W. 19th Ave. 541-505-9302. H-n-p-h.com

2. Mezza Luna Pizzeria 933 Pearl St. 541-684-8900. MezzaLunaPizzeriaEugene.com.

3. Slice Pizzeria and Bar 325 Blair Blvd. 541-653-9937. Slicepizzeriaandbar.com.

A corgi mascot at Hey, Neighbor! makes sense. The herding dogs sport a loud bark. And since opening Hey, Neighbor, the restaurant’s logo — a barking corgi — has corralled customers in. Well, maybe it’s also the pizza, which is why EW readers voted it as Best Pizza. 

Back when owner Calen Willis opened Hey, Neighbor, he says he wanted to have a place where he could know his customers. His customer base kept growing through word of mouth, and now Hey, Neighbor has become an institution of 19th and Agate alongside Prince Pücklers and Beppe and Gianni’s. 

Rather than pile on toppings on a pizza, Willis says the restaurant focuses on one ingredient that can be a star. For early autumn, that’s an opportunity to showcase broccolini from ME and Moore Farm. “We’re trying to source the best ingredients,” Willis says. “That shows through.” 

But being EW’s Best Pizza isn’t just about fresh ingredients. It’s all about the basics and how sauce — and what makes it up, including basil, sea salt, tomatoes and olive oil — is the foundation to a great pizza. “We try not to get in the way of the original ingredient,” he says.