1. Lox, Stocks and Bagels 368 E. 40th Ave. 541-692-2435. Facebook.com/loxstocksandbagels

2. Bagel Sphere 810 Willamette. 541-344-1335; 4089 W. 11th Ave. 541-868-1072. BagelSphere.com.

3. Hideaway Bakery 3377 E. Amazon Dr. 541-868-1982. HideawayBakery.com

When Lox, Stocks and Bagels owner Maxwell Davis thinks of a bagel, he pictures freshly baked and boiled New York-style bagels with an assortment of cream cheeses of your choice. Davis believes in waking up at three every morning to achieve that freshly boiled bagel because “that’s what the community counts on.”

After working as a general manager for several years, Davis took on owning Lox, Stocks and Bagels two years ago and hasn’t looked back since. “I had the training it took and it just felt like this place was so important to our community, and I was willing to dedicate that time,” Davis says.

Davis now spends an average of 50 hours a week making sure Eugene is getting the freshly boiled bagels it deserves. “We’re just excited to be honored like this,” Davis says. “And we know our customers are, too.”