Best Place to embark on the adventure to get dinner and beers with toddlers who are no longer cute to anyone else 

ColdFire Brewing Company 263 Mill St. 541-636-3889.

A few weeks ago, while attempting to grab a few things from the farmers’ market, I realized that my toddlers have phased out of age where they attract the generous eye and smiles of strangers. 

These days I am accustomed to the silent but loud looks from onlookers. And I don’t blame them. Our culture has very few public spaces that embrace kids and all that comes with them. 

Most of the places I currently frequent are ranked by their kid-friendliness, accessibility, cleanliness of the bathrooms and lack of judgment for toddler behavior. With this unremarkable but essential list, ColdFire is one of the most family-friendly locations to get dinner and a drink with the whole fam. The impressive assortment of games and toys for kids of all ages, an abundance of high chairs, and emergency diapers in the bathrooms all signal hospitality and care for families. And I have to mention the exquisite rotating beers and food options.