1. Suspish Facebook.com/SuspishBiz and Suspish Fish on Facebook.\

2. Bayne Gardner BayneGardner.com.

3. Ila Rose IlaRoseArt.com.

In a city filled with amazing murals and street art, Suspish’s work still manages to stand out. There’s something about those blue-ish fish that delights folks of all ages. Ever since Suspish painted one one of their signature graffiti fish on Eugene Weekly’s building, we have watched delightedly as person after person has stopped by to take a selfie with the art. We’re pretty sure we even watched some senior photos take place.

One of the comments that folks make again and again is how spotting a Suspish fish or other Suspish art around the city makes their day. And Suspish tells us that the lifting of spirits is mutual. “I love art,” Suspish says. “I love how Eugene is full of artists, and I never thought I’d be getting recognized for my art the way I am today.” 

Eugene is indeed full of talented artists — in fact, third place winner Ila Rose won first for Best Artist, a category where Suspish took second, and second place winner in the mural and graffiti category, well-known muralist Bayne Gardner, has shared walls with Suspish’s art.

Getting the recognition for their art “has been so great for my mental health,” Suspish continues, “because usually I work a lot of hours at emotionally taxing jobs and now things are way different. Thank you for the overwhelming support.”