Best Former funeral parlor and questionably haunted coffee shop

Art House 492 E. 13th Avenue, 541-686-3229. 

Art House is an iconic institution promoting independent cinema, art and expansive representation. My love for the Art House location began when it was Bijou Art Cinemas showing quirky film festivals, contemporary indie movies and cult classics. If you’ve been here long enough, you might remember Boo, the large gray cat who strolled the lobby like a god.

The building has had a fascinating past, originally built in 1925 as the First Congressional Church until it became McGaffey and Andreason Mortuary in 1956, and then the Bijou Art Cinemas in 1980, and now the Art House. As part of its revival, Art House offers espresso and coffee from 8 am to 2 pm daily. Located conveniently close to the University of Oregon campus, this is the only place where you can grab a cappuccino, watch a David Lynch film and question your sense of reality as you walk to the bathroom.