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“It was in the very beginning of the pandemic I thought to myself, ‘I wonder how many drag queens are going to come out of this pandemic?’” Candy Whoreholla, or Eugene local Chris Moody, says. “Then I thought, ‘You know what? This is my time.’”

While at his partner’s home, Moody noticed a trash bag in the rafters of his garage left from the previous owners. In the bag were clothes that would become a staple in Candy’s first outfits — a bag of pantsuits. Luckily for Candy, they fit her all perfectly. 

Performing as Candy was something that’s always been in Moody’s repertoire after years of watching RuPaul’s Drag Race and admiring modern drag culture, but he hadn’t really devoted his time to it until the pandemic hit. 

Moody says he’s always had a divine feminine energy within him, and a masculine one. Creating Candy’s personality was collective inspiration from Andy Warhol, his absolute love for candy, modern drag culture and Lisa Frank. Candy’s Instagram has some iconic looks, ranging from Marge Simpson to a hot rendition of a postwoman. All of her looks are thrifted. 

Candy has made several appearances at Beards and Mimosas, a drag show put on by The Barn Light in downtown near Voodoo Doughnut. She’s also made an appearance at Dragageddeon, a show put on by Old Nick’s Pub in town. Moody says he loves doing performances, but as a photographer and visual artist, Moody has a special affection for photos of Candy. 

“It was just waiting to happen,” Moody says. “I was searching for this muse that no one was, really. I flipped the script and took on that role instead. It feels like I can sort of flow in and out of all different art practices. I’m super stoked and super happy with where everything is right now for me.”

Candy will be making an appearance at The Barn Light’s “spooky” Halloween show, Magnifique, Oct. 30.