1. Vero Espresso 205 E. 14th Ave., 541-654-0504. VeroEspressoHouse.com.

2. Wandering Goat 268 Madison St., 541-344-5161. WanderingGoat.com. 

3. Farmers Union Coffee Roasters 152 W. 5th Ave.; 2757 Friendly St., FarmersUnionCoffee.com

Are you looking to drink coffee at home, just not in your home? Vero Espresso House, with its butter-yellow paneling, bay windows and quaint wraparound porch, should be your go-to. 

Located on the corner of 14th and Pearl, this coffee shop is perfect for a quick cappuccino to go or a five-hour work session. The baristas are consistently friendly and welcoming. The latte art, though black coffee connoisseurs may pretend not to care, is pleasing to the eye and always a little different. And in the era of COVID-19, there are a number of different indoor and outdoor seating options and spacing possibilities to make every visitor comfortable.  

If you come to Vero Espresso and intend to stick around, there are several breakfast and lunch options to choose from. In the mood for something savory? The bagel with cream cheese, lox, tomato, capers and red onion is to die for. On the sweeter side, a decadent French toast topped with powdered sugar, maple syrup and fresh fruit is available Thursday through Sunday. 

Reflected in its win from Eugene Weekly readers, this big yellow house has won over a widespread portion of the Eugene population. On any given day, you’ll find the place frequented by both college students and fully-established community members, a rare congruence between the two groups on which establishments are worth supporting. But whether it’s the homey vibe, the variety of available dining/drinking experiences or the objectively scrumptious menu, one thing is clear — Vero Espresso House keeps everyone coming back.