1. Andrew Lathrop Sam Bond’s Garage (temporarily closed), 407 Blair Blvd. 541-431-6603. SamBonds.com. 

2. Chad Kushuba Viking Braggot, 2490 Willamette, Ste. 6, 515-6314; 520 Commercial St. Unit F, 541-653-8371. DrinkViking.com. 

3. Cameron Turpin Cornucopia, 295 W. 17th Ave. 541-485-2300, 207 E. 5th Ave. Ste. 109, 541-485-2676, 521 Main St., Springfield, 541-485-2879. CornucopiaEugene.com. 

Oskaloosa, Iowa native, Sam Bond’s Garage bar manager and Black Wolf Supper Club bartender Andrew Lanthrop is this year’s best bartender. Because of COVID-19 Sam Bond’s hasn’t reopened after the original shutdown, but they say they are doing much needed renovations for when they reopen. In the meantime, Lanthrop is keeping himself as busy as he can, while missing his patrons and friends dearly. Black Wolf Supper Club is doing to-go only.

“It’s been up and down for me since COVID-19. I am a new homeowner so it’s given me time to work on some home projects,” Lanthrop says. “I’ve always wanted to do woodworking so it’s been nice to dabble a little. I still sit at my home bar and drink. But I’m a social person so I get bored. I’ve been doing a lot more stuff out in nature. I’ve done more hiking, biking, camping and swimming than I’ve done in years. But, he says, he misses the bar. He adds, “I’m also concerned about the financial fallout once this is all done, if it ever ends. I wish OLCC would have allowed for cocktails to-go, I think that could have been a big boost for bars.”