1. DJ Kalien (Katey Harvey) The Drake. Instagram.com/DJKalien.

2. Connah Jay (Connor J. Sullivan) CJ.Sull@gmail.com Soundcloud.com/ConnahJay.

3. DJ Jon “Supa J” Smith (Jon Smith) Blairally Vintage Arcade. Facebook.com/DJ-Jon-Supa-J-Smith-398091873734699.

Within the past three years, you could have seen DJ Kalien spinning records at a slew of different Eugene bars and clubs. You most likely have seen her downtown, however, at The Drake, where she holds a residency.

This year’s Best Music DJ award goes to Springfield-born Katey Harvey, aka DJ Kalien. Second place went to Connah Jay, and third was DJ Jon “Supa J” Smith.

Kalian’s DJ career has blossomed from being a girl serenading her friends with a phone and an aux cord, into a career passion, soundtracked to the tune of late ’90s R&B.

“I like playing classic throwbacks from the 90s and early 2000s,” Harvey says. “It’s all about paying attention to the crowd.”
Harvey attributes her eclectic music taste to her family.

“My family played a huge part in my having an appreciation of all genres,” Harvey says. “My taste in hip hop is highly influenced by my sister.”

Although Harvey is content to play local shows, she hopes to someday use music as a means to travel the world. 
“I want to make it big in the world,” Harvey says. “But I’d be happy to just be able to support myself full time as a DJ.”