1. Café Yumm! 730 E. Broadway, 541-344-9866; 1801 Willamette St., 541-686-9866; 130 Oakway Center; 541-465-9866. Cafeyumm.com.
  2. Laughing Planet 760 Blair Boulevard, 541-868-0668; 2864 Willamette Street, 541-505-5399. Laughingplanet.com.
  3. Morning Glory Café 450 Willamette Street. 541-687-0709. Morninggloryeugene.com.

Every year we try to shake up the categories a little. Sometimes readers don’t notice, and sometimes they completely freak out. One year we figured: Most places have a veggie option, so why have a category? People freaked out. This year Café Yumm takes the top spot in Best Vegetarian/Vegan and we admit, those glorious bowls of Yumm-sauce, rice and beans are something we crave. And yes, we did put the sauce first, because it’s some kind of nutritional yeast magic.