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In an alternate world, Rick Dancer defeated Gov. Kate Brown for secretary of state. In this world, when former Gov. John Kitzhaber resigned due to scandal, it would’ve been Dancer who would be in the governor’s seat now.
Dancer says when the scandal happened, he told his wife: “You’d be in bed with the governor right now.”
She didn’t think it was that funny, he says.
Dancer has moved on quite a bit from his time as Eugene-Springfield’s anchorman (KEZI). The job was killing him; he was spending less time telling stories and more doing office work, he tells EW. So he left, and gave Brown a run for her money in 2008.
Today, Dancer is doing what he loves: meeting people and hearing their stories. He has his show, Get Real With Rick Dancer, which is broadcast on Facebook. It’s an opportunity to meet real people, uncut. Being on Facebook Live, he can’t edit his stories, so it’s more real than his time on TV, he says.
And Dancer is trying his hand at being Oregon’s Huell Howser (does anyone remember California’s Gold on PBS-affiliate KCET in Los Angeles?) with his show ExplOregon: The Back Stories, where he finds Oregon’s true beauty: Culture, its people and outdoors. — Henry Houston