1. Da Nang 488 Lincoln Street. 541-915-0144. Danangeatery.com
  2. Buck Buck 207 Madison Street. Facebook.com/buckbuckeug.
  3. Chaiyo 44 E. 7th Avenue. 541-206-0934. Facebook.com/chaiyofoodtruck.

First of all, if you haven’t been to any one of these food carts, you are missing out big time. Da Nang, in front of Oregon Wine LAB, has a simple menu — you pick your protein (chicken, steak or tofu) and the vessel in which to enjoy it (rice, noodles, bahn mi or salad); it’s a simple concept, but boy, the flavors are not simple at all. It’s always super fresh and super tasty. As a vegetarian, I can’t speak to Buck Buck’s fried chicken, although it’s gotten nothing but rave reviews. But the cart has amazing vegetarian options, too, sometimes in the form of salad, other times something like a veggie casserole. It’s stationed outside of Oakshire’s Public House and makes a great pairing with a cold beer. Lastly, Chaiyo Thai Truck, outside of Hi-Fi Music Hall, has by far the best yellow curry I have ever tasted in Eugene. It’s ruined yellow curry anywhere else for me. I’d speak on any other dish there, but it’s always my go to. So get out and get eating!  — Meerah Powell