1. El Super Burrito, 2566 Willamette Street, 541-485-0619.
  2. Burrito Boy, 510 E. Broadway, 541-344-8070; 2511 W. 11th Avenue Suite A, 541-338-4219; 1840 Chambers Street, 541-246-8775; 1060 River Road, 541-689-7970; 1889 Olympic Street, Springfield. Burritoboy.com
  3. Burrito Amigos, 1333 W. 6th Avenue, 541-338-9190; 2445 Hilyard Street, 541-868-1528; 1600 Coburg Road, 541-868-0908; 1136 State Highway 99 North, 541-461-8880; 201 N. 42nd Street, Springfield, 541-746-7279. Burritoamigos.com.

I’m one of those annoying California transplants who’s not only singlehandedly responsible for rising real estate, job stealing and killing the planet, but I also complain nonstop about the lack of good burritos in Eugene. That is, until I found El Super Burrito. The restaurant offers a decent burrito replacement in-between my compulsory trips back home to California to see my family. Each trip I take to El Super Burrito, it seems one of the common burritos ordered is the Oregon Burrito, which has fries, guacamole, steak, chile relleno, pico de gallo, rice and refried beans — we call it a California Burrito in California, though. The menu doesn’t stop at burritos, however. The nachos (I like to get mine with lengua) are a perfect drunken meal — or for a hangover — and there are curly fries. Best of all, this place won’t break your bank account. — Henry Houston