Best Chinese

Best Chinese:
1. Kung Fu Bistro 2560 Willamette St. 968-9258.
2. Lok Yaun Restaurant 2360 W. 11th Ave. 345-7448.
3. Twin Dragon Restaurant 919 River Rd. 688-5481.
Tucked in with Metropol Bakery and Off the Waffle on South Willamette Street, Kung Fu Bistro is a wonderful shock to the senses. If you’re looking for a Chinese restaurant chain with a panda on it, you’ve come to the wrong place. Kung Fu serves up authentic Sichuan Chinese cuisine, bursting with flavors new and interesting to the Western palate — spicy, savory and fantastically unique among Eugene restaurants. Cubed tofu with chunks of bell pepper and whole peanuts pair well with chicken prepared in a fish sauce, complete with a glass of jasmine tea and a generous scoop of white rice. Voters agree that this is Chinese food on a whole new level.
photo by todd cooper

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