Best humanitarian nonprofit

Best humanitarian nonprofit:
1. FOOD for Lane County 770 Bailey Hill Rd. 343-2822. 
2. St. Vincent de Paul 555 High St., 344-2115; 100 E. 11th Ave., 868-0200.
3. Womenspace 1577 Pearl St. 485-8232.

The Silicon Shire, the Ducks, wet weather, hippies. Eugene is known for a lot of things, but one of the things we do best is nonprofits. Want a tax deduction that goes to a good deed? Eugene has one that fits the bill for whatever your good cause happens to be. FOOD for Lane County is a perpetual winner in our best humanitarian nonprofit category. The group says that 25 percent of food that is donated and distributed is fresh produce, and according to its most recent annual report, “Working with 189 partner agencies and distribution sites, FFLC distributed more than 8-million pounds of food in 2013-2014 — the equivalent of more than 17,000 meals a day.” That’s a lot of hungry people getting much needed nutritious food. St. Vincent de Paul and Womenspace round out the top three with their excellent community services — the most recent tragic murder suicide out near Northwest Expressway is a grim reminder of Womenspace’s work to end intimate partner violence.

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