Best of Eugene 2013-14: Fistful of Coins (Commerce)

Photo by Trask Bedortha




Best biking store

1. Paul’s Bicycle Way of Life 556 Charnelton St. 541-344-4105; 3870 W. 11th Ave. 343-2250; 2480 Alder St. 541-342-541-6155.

2. Arriving By Bike 2705 Willamette St. 484-5410.

3. Hutch’s Bicycles 960 Charnelton St. 345-7521.



Best thrift shop

1. St. Vincent de Paul of Lane County

2. S.A.R.A.’s Treasures 871 River Rd. 607-8892.

3. Deluxe 1331 Willamette St. 686-0205.

After the success of “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore this last year, many thrift stores have been flooded with new customers. In Eugene, St. Vincent de Paul vends the usual velour jump suits and house slippers, but the organization is even more widely known for its charitable programs, such as managing Eugene’s car-camping program and providing affordable housing. “Have some fun. Save some money,” is their motto, and it’s hard not to with such a wide selection of secondhand goods. Each store has a huge selection of nearly everything, and that’s without mentioning the books, which tower over any other section of the store and bring customers back again and again.



Best pet supply store

1. Mini Pet Mart 974 W. 6th Ave. 344-9603; 2636 Willamette St. 345-3399; 2775 River Rd. 688-8619; 1999 Main St., Spfd. 744-0665.

2. The Healthy Pet 2777 Friendly St.

3. Nature’s Pet 2864 Willamette St. #200. 653-9247.



Best place to work out

1. YMCA 2055 Patterson St. 541-686-9622.

2. Downtown Athletic Club 999 Willamette St. 484-4011.

3. Oakway Fitness 170 Oakway Rd. 343-3314.

When it comes to versatility in the realm of exercise, the YMCA has you covered, and then some. Upon joining through an affordable membership, meet with a wellness coach and, in turn, benefit from a personal program designed for your needs and goals. Additionally, enjoy all the long-standing gym has to offer in the way of sports, classes and exercise regimens. Play pickup basketball, swim, take up racquetball, relax through water yoga and find out why Zumba is all the rage. The possibilities are endless, and so are the opportunities for camaraderie, improved health and higher and higher goals.



Photo by Trask Bedortha
Photo by Trask Bedortha

Best clothing shop

1. Redoux Parlour 780 Blair Blvd. 342-1942.

2. Clothes Horse 201 E. 13th Ave. 345-5099.

3. Deluxe 1331 Willamette St. 686-0205.

Armed with sewing machines, an eclectic studio space and racks of fascinating garments, the talented designers at Redoux Parlour help guide discarded clothing into its next life. These shirts, jackets and pants, deemed useless by their former owners, are reincarnated into fabulous dresses, vests and even swimsuits. Owner Laura Lee Laroux (see best clothing designer) runs the Parlour with the focus of “upcycling” or redoing (hence the fancy name) clothing designs that are already abundant. This closet afterlife also offers resale clothing, sewing classes, alterations, custom designs and clothing trades once a week. The store prides itself on its quality leather products, such as unique belts and holsters, custom wedding dresses and Laroux’s eco-friendly Revivall Clothing line. Redoux designer Renne Phillips sums it up by saying, “It’s really a hub for pretty much anything fashion and sewing in town.” Eugene agrees.



Julie Blonshteyn and Edward Schiessl of bijou metro. Photo by Todd Cooper.
Julie Blonshteyn and Edward Schiessl of bijou metro. Photo by Todd Cooper.

Best new business

1. Bijou Metro 43 W. Broadway. 686-3229.

2. Viking Braggot 520 Commercial St. 653-8371.

3. Party Downtown 55 W. Broadway. 345-8228.

Maybe it’s the glossy red sign on Broadway, the super plush theater seating or the thoughtfully curated films — whatever it is, the Bijou Metro has done wonders to class up downtown Eugene. And don’t pigeon hole them as “highbrow” — although they can be (art house, foreign, indie and documentary films dominate the cinema’s lineup) — because Bijou Metro is not afraid to get downright campy (1979’s The Visitor) and nostalgic (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie and The Secret of the Ooze).



Photo by Todd Cooper
Photo by Todd Cooper

Best veterinarian/animal clinic

1. Bush Animal Hospital 2415 Oakmont Way. 246-7025.

2. Amazon Park Animal Clinic 725 E. 25th Ave. 485-0161.

3. CatCare, Limited 1400 Willamette St. 302-5824.

When it comes to health, pet owners want to make sure their furry family members are in good hands, and Eugeneans chose Bush Animal Hospital as their go-to for animal care. “We are a very client-focused practice and try to focus on providing the best medicine we can,” says Diane Fowler, practice manager for the hospital. “We feel we can offer clients quite a high level of care, and we just have a really compassionate staff.” And when it comes to reaching out, Bush Animal Hospital is ahead of the game — check out its Facebook page, and you’ll find tons of helpful pet-related info, like updates on the recent chicken jerky poisonings and tips on keeping your pet safe over the holidays. Plus, they post a ton of adorable dog and cat photos, so what’s not to love?



Best local grocery store

1. The Kiva 125 W. 11th Ave. 342-8666.

2. Market of Choice 1060 Green Acres Rd. 344-1901; 1960 Franklin Blvd. 687-1188; 67 W. 29th Ave. 338-8455; 2580 Willakenzie. 345-3349; 922 NW Circle Blvd. Ste 110, Corvallis. 758-8005.

3. Capella Market 2489 Willamette St. 345-1014.



Photo by Todd Cooper
Photo by Todd Cooper

Best downtown business 

1. The Kiva 125 W. 11th Ave. 342-8666.

2. Bijou Metro 43 W. Broadway. 686-3229.

3. Passionflower Design 128 E. Broadway. 344-3857.

Lucky are those who wander by The Kiva on a Customer Appreciation Day, for they shall bliss out on free samples of local food, from roasted organic veggies to amazing Cousin Jack’s Pasties. The Kiva’s been a staple of Eugene since 1970, and after more than 40 years in business, we think they’ve mastered the perfect combination of friendly atmosphere, sustainable foods and a certain hard-to-define aura that makes us proud to live in Eugene.



midtown direct. Photo by Midtown Direct.
Midtown Direct. Photo by Midtown Direct.

Best glass/smoke shop

1. Midtown Direct 133 E. 13th Ave. 345-3337.

2. Cornerstone Glass 1068 W. 2nd Ave. 341-1788.

3. Hunky Dory Pipe & Tobacco 271 W. 7th Ave. 345-1853.

A glass shop used to be called a “head shop” because it was a place for people to go and get their mind right. The cozy vibe at Midtown lets you think. And you’ll have to if you want to find a new artifact among a thousand chillums, bowls, bubblers, bongs, hookahs and things you’ve never heard of. The vendors are top notch, and the pieces always creative and affordable. Specialty tobaccos abound and they don’t sell spice. Owner Richard Johnson considers his wares “spiritual objects” and doesn’t want people faking the funk through them. It all goes back to that headiness — consider the mystifying goth-meets-ecosexual Steven Lopez mural on the west wall.


Photo by Miles Bowers
Photo by Miles Bowers

Best indie bookstore

1. Smith Family Bookstore 768 E. 13th Ave. 345-1651; 525 Willamette St. 343-4717.

2. Tsunami Books 2585 Willamette St. 345-8986.

3. J. Michaels 160 E. Broadway. 342-2002.

Smith Family Bookstore is a book lover’s wet dream. Powell’s in Portland may be bigger, but the Smith Family locations here in town are just the right combo of musty old books, glossy new books and just plain old books piled around the store in such a way that you feel comfortable pulling tomes off the shelves to browse and sprawling for a while in the aisles. Tsunami comes in second place again, and to be honest, that bookstore almost needs a category of its own — best bookstore, music venue and home for political activism? Finally, if you are looking for something a little older than simply used, check out third-place finisher J. Michaels, which has not just new and used books but rare and antiquarian as well.



Lussuria Salon. Photo by Todd Cooper.
Lussuria Salon. Photo by Todd Cooper.

Best place to get your hair cut

1. Lussuria Salon 160 Oakway Rd #100. 505-9699.

2. Analog Barber Shop 862 Olive St. 510-5668.

3. Moss Hair Studio 233 W. 7th Ave. 636-0055.

Having opened its doors just this February, Lussuria Salon is new to Eugene. But its co-owner, Elisha Johnson, has 13 years of salon experience and a fleet of practiced professionals. The staff is friendly, the décor is chic and their first priority is customer service, Johnson says. They offer on-site childcare so you don’t need to panic about scheduling, and for a high-end salon, the pricing is affordable. Lussuria also offers facials, waxing, massage and hydrotherapy, as well as the opportunity to rent out the whole space or bring a group of friends for a party. The coolest part is that Johnson is working to get benefits for her stylists, something practically unheard of in the salon industry. So grab your pals (or even your young’ns!) and trim up those flyaways.

Lussuria Salon. Photo by Todd Cooper.



Gervais Salon & Day Spa. Photo by Todd Cooper.
Gervais Salon & Day Spa. Photo by Todd Cooper.

Best place to spa/salon

1. Gervais Salon & Day Spa 248 E. 5th Ave. 345-1312.

2. Pearl Day Spa 1375 Pearl St. 683-3377.

3. Bello 2746 Shadow View Dr. 345-0551.



Best CSA boxes

1. Winter Green Farm 89762 Poodle Creek Rd., Noti. 866-935-1920.

2. Groundwork Organics 30699 Maple Dr., Junction City. 998-0900.

3. Camas Swale Farm 25844 Butler Rd., Junction City. 554-1856.

Longtime Winter Green Farm employee Linda Davies says this year was another great one for the farm’s Community Supported Agriculture boxes because of amazing tomatoes, spectacular squash and sweet and delicious carrots. “The years vary with the weather,” she explains, and next fall could have a completely different highlight. Winter Green’s CSA boxes have more than 40 different types of produce, so if you’re feeling like cooking up a locally grown storm, be sure to sign up for its regular season and fall boxes.


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