Best of Eugene 2013-14: Asteroid Bits (Miscellaneous)

Kiki O’Keister reppin’ for the emerald city roller girls. Photo by Athena Delene.




Kiki O’Keister reppin’ for the emerald city roller girls. Photo by Athena Delene.
Kiki O’Keister reppin’ for the emerald city roller girls. Photo by Athena Delene.

Best alternative sports team

1. Emerald City Roller Girls

2. Eugene Reign

3. Lane United Fútbol Club

The Emerald City Roller Girls, a league of skaters within the Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby Association, play the physical sport very well, and starting in January 2014 there will be more chances to see them in action. Half of their bouts at the Lane Events Center last season were private, but this coming season all of them will be available to the public. Described as “a hockey game, but replace the ice with a roller rink,” with uniforms often made by the skaters themselves, roller derby has its own niche in Eugene, and the Emerald City Roller Girls are a big reason why.


Best sports event

1. UO football season

2. Roller derby bouts

3. Eugene Emeralds baseball games

A great deal of excitement surrounds UO football season these days. There are the countless uniform combinations, yes, and the presence of Nike with Uncle Phil Knight hovering overhead, but the entertaining, prolific and fast-paced team on the field is what makes it a spectacle. Routinely and passionately cheered on by 50,000-plus filling Autzen Stadium and donning everything from green and yellow to black and grey, the team has solidified its position among the elite in college football. Oregon is currently ranked number three in the country, with sights on a national championship, and star quarterback Marcus Mariota is on the cover of the Nov. 4 issue of Sports Illustrated. It’s no wonder this is a great time to be a Duck.



Matt Templeman. Photo by Athena Delene.
Matt Templeman. Photo by Athena Delene.

Best local newscaster

1. Matt Templeman -KEZI.

2. Renee McCullough KEZI.

3. Al Peterson KVAL.

They are too nice to say it, so we’re going to say it for them: The fact that KEZI’s Matt Templeman and Renee McCullough came in first and second place for best local newscaster is a vindication of how much this area values local ownership and independent news sources, and it shows how silly it was for KMTR’s new owners to fire its tried and true news team when it took over the news station in June.

Templeman says he thinks he got a “Best of” nomination because “this is simply the result of getting involved in a community that I care about. I love reporting on issues important to all of us and presenting the news with Renee.” McCullough chimes in, “I have simply been overwhelmed by the amount of support from our community the last few months, and could not be happier doing a job I love, in a community filled with so many wonderful people.” She says, “I can’t imagine raising my kids anywhere else and am so thankful to be able to bring you the news each night with my friend and co-anchor of 14 years.”

Templeman adds, “One of the best parts of this job is being actively engaged with so many non profits and causes. I have my personal family with my wife Kimra and three boys,” but he says he has multiple other families “including all my friends at Pearl Buck Center, MDA, Alzheimer’s and various schools. It’s an honor to be able to do what I do every day.”



Best annual event or festival

1. Oregon Country Fair

2. Eugene Celebration

3. Whiteaker Block Party




Best thing that could happen to Eugene

1. Downtown revitalization continues

2. A new mayor

3. More jobs

Our readers poll indicates that Eugeneans like what’s happening downtown and want to see more of the life that’s springing up in the vicinity of Broadway and Willamette. We think it’s funny that Mayor Kitty Piercy wins the Best Politico title while also getting sent packing in this category — something about her brings out the lovers and the haters. And we’ve got to agree about number three. Let’s hope this slow recovery sticks.



Best thing about Eugene Weekly

1. It’s free

2. “Savage Love”

3. Calendar listings

You get what you pay for.



Worst thing about Eugene Weekly

1. Liberal bias

2. Advertising

3. Nothing

You get what you pay for.

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    We brilliant cheapsters have thought of scads of tips. I need to know something, though. Where are good discounts? Is there a food coop for dry foods here? Things change very fast in this town. Hard to keep up! Incidentally, I went to the Whitaker Block Party for the first time this summer and had a great time. I think it should be put out there that over-50 people,which includes me, are very welcome. People did give me a look, though, as I danced up the street!

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